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How to Retire Debt Free and Wealthy is a collaboration of Canadian stories of how everyday people have made it to millionaire status, debt free by retirement. Like the book, this site is truly Canadian to help only Canadians navigate the complexities of our unique financial market.

Do you have a questions about money or your finances?
Are you wondering how to save, lower your debt or plan for retirement?
Perhaps you need a second opinion on investing?
Has your Bank said “NO” to your loan request and you need other options?
Buying a home, investment property, or starting a new business?
What is the importance of having a Will, POA and Insurance?
What options do you have for estate planning and lowering your taxes?

“There is absolutely no reason why you can’t retire debt free and wealthy”

“Believe you deserve it and begin today to make the incremental steps to get there”

How to Retire Debt-Free & Wealthy!

Finance Coach Christine Ibbotson reveals the secrets, tricks, and techniques of how clients became millionaires.

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